Sunday, March 1, 2015


...and Google's rescinding its ban on sexiness. Suddenly I hear a sound, like a million nearly-outraged voices being silenced. Sexy has been brought back, it seems.

Enough of that, though.

Finished up chapter eight, a fairly momentous and interesting chapter. There's a creepy alien ship, a sudden bit of rug-pulling. The movers behind the plot are revealed, somewhat.

This time around I'm definitely bringing the idea of "rough" to my rough drafts.

My main concern this go-through is to just get the skeleton of everything down. My chapters are all short and bare-bones--just 2500 words or so, on average.*

Don't get me wrong. Everything's readable. It's going to be recognizably close to the novel's final form. But there are definitely parts I will go back and flesh out later. Replace the placeholder conversations with better, more interesting versions. Description will be rethought. Clues and red herrings will be placed. The Llerg will have more commentary. There might be more chapters. There will definitely be more scenes.

More importantly, I'm just admitting the fact that since I'm writing something that's sort of in the same ballpark as a mystery, I'll have to go back and readjust a lot of what I'm writing to take into account the ending (when I get there). It's a different way to write. In many ways much more relaxed than the pantsing I normally do. I know that I'm going to have to iterate through it a few more times, so there's no hurry to make complete sense in the rough draft, not as much pressure to describe things in as punchy a style as I normally like. Definitely looking forward to going back and tightening things up. It'll be fun to see what this turns into eventually, after some dusting off.

I'm close enough to the end (four chapters left!) that I'm already mulling over what my next book will be. I'm kind of itching to do the Cam book again, tear it apart, stitch it back together in a more focused form. It might be too soon for that. I might do the UP book instead. I'll probably write a few short stories before I begin, just to recharge my batteries a little.

* Median, actually. Shut up.

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