Thursday, February 12, 2015


The mid-chapter is definitely the hump day of the chapter list.

I'm smack dab in chapter six of twelve. Too far into the book to remember any of that newfangled enthusiasm I started out with. Not close enough to the end to have any sort of momentum built up yet.

In my last book, the book about the magic-using dimension-hopping teen detective, this is right about where Act II degenerated into a muddy meandering mess. And possibly a few other alliterative words. I didn't know what to watch out for and, effectively, I wrote a second--mostly-unrelated--book right in the middle of my real book. That sucked. Slogged through, got out of the whole mess and looked at it, realized that it was deadly boring and almost entirely unlike what I loved about Act I. If I go back to it, I'll probably just blow the whole thing up, start from scratch, with a few scenes and ideas lifted as appropriate. I still love the characters and setting, just not what I did with it.

This one's too short and tightly-plotted to fall into that trap, really. There's no room to meander. I think I did a fine job of preventative maintenance with the outline this time around. The only thing I'm a little worried about is having everything, you know, make sense at the end.

At this point, it's mostly a matter of keeping up energy and my sense of humor.

It is a bit of a grim determined slog right now, like getting through a Wednesday at work, when the weather isn't that nice and when your workload isn't particularly interesting, when you look out the window and the weather's settled down into the sort of determined uniformed gray that tells you "hey, spring is very, very far away, would you like more ice instead?"

You just sort of have to grit your teeth and bang out work with as much humor as you can muster, knowing that after all this, there's a weekend, followed by slightly better weather and maybe a resolution of some sort. And then the next book, whatever it winds up being.

Haven't been writing as much before work this week. I've been lengthening my meditation periods and that's been cutting somewhat into my morning routine. I've also been sleeping longer, when I can, so as I mentioned before, something has to give and that something was the five hundred words or so per day on the novel, which kinda sucks. But thems the breaks.

On the other hand, longer meditation = happier, more centered Mike, so there's that.

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