Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mission (Nearly) Accomplished

...and now I'm back from vacation. Seven days in Denver lie behind me and I'm recharged. Full of vim. Possessed of an unusually mountainous amount of vigor. Ready to kick ass, take names, disinclined to take prisoners, enemies will be crushed, women's lamentations will be heard and, hopefully, a book will be wrapped up shortly.

Weird feeling, that. I've only got two and a half (short) chapters to go. They're already plotted and should be fun to write.

Still no idea what my next one will be, but I'm sure of one thing: I'll probably spend way more time working on the plot and outline this time around. I won't get too detailed because I like to be able to wander around a bit during the act, but I need to get better at keeping things tight and to the point.

I'm going to write this one very structured and fast. I don't really want to spend more than a few months on it, because I tend to go off track, badly, when I take longer than that. So I'm going in like a commando raid. But I'm not going to be going commando while doing it, because ew, gross.


Denver was fun. Always great seeing relatives and it's a cool part of the country to visit.

The bit at the beginning where our parents were hanging out took us to some cool locations: a train museum, a car museum, some interesting restaurants. Lots of quality time spent just hanging out and shooting the shit with an abnormally high number of Berkeys under one roof.

Straight out of Fallout 3, folks.

The second part of the vacation (without the parents) was longer than usual and my brother and I took full advantage.

Some highlights:

St. Mary's glacier, in the mountains above Boulder.

Saw some glaciers, did a hell of a lot of wandering about in the mountains, went hiking through El Dorado canyon in a cold drizzle. We visited three to five breweries a day, including Epic, TRVE, Mountain Toad, Black Sky, Boulder Brewing, Big Beaver (penis jokes galore), and many, many others.

El Dorado Canyon. The mist was slightly miserable to experience, but made for great photography.

It was pretty busy. I'm exhausted but happy.

My drunken-louting was pretty moderate this time around. I think we've both perfected multi-day brewery-crawling to an art form. The key thing is to mix up the heavy beers with lighter ones and stick to 10 oz glasses. If you do that, you get to experience lots of different beer without getting horrifically loaded, which is a pretty counterproductive way to experience beer. It's hard to really distinguish flavors and texture when you're beyond a certain point of inebriation.

The only real black mark on the vacation was my smartphone finally deciding to give up the ghost after three years (or so). Instead of just crashing, it steadfastly decided to be just irritating enough to continue using, but not so irritating I'd chuck it off a cliff. As the week progressed it got crazier and more insane, like an older relative who spent most of his working career making hats in a Victorian sweatshop. At the beginning of the week: it was happy with simply rebooting with no warning once or twice a day. By the middle of the week, a few times per hour, usually while in public so that all around me could hear the thundering glory of the Sprint startup jingle.

By the end of the week--the day I flew back--I mostly kept the battery pulled when not in use because I couldn't trust the phone to do things that wouldn't get me tasered by the TSA. It also had developed this charming trick of draining 80% of the battery at a moment's notice, even when supposedly asleep. And that's with a completely new battery. Gotta love smartphones.

No totals today because I have no totals to report. I'll have the 100 Day Challenge wrapped up tomorrow morning.

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