Sunday, September 21, 2014


And we're done. The rough draft of the book lies finished, at about 107,000 words.

It is seriously time to think about something else. Anything else.

It feels like a bit of an anticlimax, like wrapping up a race to find no one at the end, just your car and maybe a ticket on the windshield. But it's done.

I'm going to set it aside now, for a few months or whenever, let it lie fallow. Or just take the traditional advice and go bury it in the backyard. Whatever: milestones are cool. Feels good to have at least one book under my belt, even if it's one I might not bother trying to publish.

The theme for this week, mostly likely: brainstorming and outlining/plotting for my next book., I have yet to decide what, exactly, it's going to be. The only criteria is that it NOT be crime-fighting kids or modern fantasy.

Today's totals: 670, 917, 605, 906, 1226, and 1345.

Bonus statistics: first story, written back in March last year. Time spent between the first story and now: 18 months.

Total time spent working on the book, counting the other stories, but taking out the months I took off during the one-year one-story-per-week challenge: 13 months. Not bad for something I only do at ass-crack o'clock in the morning and during odd points of time on the weekends.

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