Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fiction: To Serve The Unservable

And here's my makeup story for last week, a fun little piece in answer to Wendig's current flash fiction challenge, which is to mash up superheroes with one other random genre.

I chose legal work and then promptly ran WAY the hell over the suggested length. On the other hand, 1974 words is a strange coincidence--that's my birth year. It MEANS SOMETHING, MAN.

This was an entertaining story to write. I've always wanted a chance to draw upon more of the weird people I know in real life and this gave me a chance. No, I don't know any superheroes or villains. I do know several professional wrestlers, though, which are even better. Anything I wrote about superheroes in this story applies just as equally to pro wrestlers. They're an odd group of people, to say the least. Whenever I go to a party they throw, I want to bring a notebook and just jot down observations.

Edit: this week's word totals are...785, 760, 630, 1040, 654, 731 and 1188. Damn good progress on the book this week. I'm going to be very, very happy to stick a fork in it and move on to another project, hopefully one that moves more quickly.

Read: To Serve The Unservable

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