Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fiction: Corpse-Reviver

Four weeks later and time for another piece of flash fiction.

Wendig's alcoholic flash fiction challenge: pick or roll from a list of twenty different cocktails. I came up with the Corpse-Reviver, a slightly-revolting sounding concoction of apple brandy, vermeuth and cognac.

So we've got Peoria, the LA Dodgers, the ultimate hangover remedy and a retelling of Hercules and the Garden of the Hesperides.

My default voice seems to be noir for these flash pieces. I think it's telling me that my next book should probably be something hard-boiled.

Edit: this week's word totals are...581, 552, 761, 545, 576, 786, and 1042. The danger, I think, of having a lowball number is some days you just pick the low-hanging fruit and call it good, particularly if it's a busy, slightly-exhausting week. At least it's progress.

Read: Corpse-Reviver

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