Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Princess And The Pea

As per my resolution, this is a short story week to give myself a bit of a break from the novel, which I still find myself working on because I'm banging through rewriting a chapter I've already written, something I find about as entertaining as mixing tar. Luckily, I've gotten through it. The next chapter is another thing like the one I just finished but there's only so many of them before the new outline diverges enough away from what I've already written that I'm breaking new territory. Is that sentence meandering enough? Maybe I should add hyphens and parentheses.

I am very happy to be breaking new territory. It's much easier for me to just burn something to the ground and start (mostly) over than tweak something I've already written. I'm always a little nervous I'm missing something, because I'm not the most detail-oriented person in the world.

Anyhow, this is a short story for one of Chuck Wendig's weekly flash challenges, which are always fun to do. The challenge was to take a fairy tale and then roll a random genre to recast it in. As with any time I roll a random genre, I wind up with "Southern Gothic", which kind of pisses me off, because I don't really know much about the Southern Gothic genre other than it involves swamps, voodoo, brooding horror and Poe. Also, class stratification.

I wound up with this story instead, which is kinda southern but not very gothic. It does have politicians, voodoo and online dating, though.

The Princess And The Pea.

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