Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Update The Third

So far, one of the things I'm loving the most about the Chemex--other than its ability to not leak all over the damn place like my old drip brewer and the simple fact I can clean it without using alien technology--is how much there is to tweak in the brewing. Not going to lie here. I bought a thermometer just so I could spot check the brewing temperature. Nerdy? Yes. Anal retentive? Yes. Delicious results? Yes.

It's fun to experiment with the variables, though. Slightly finer grind plus more water? Course grind, less water? More beans, higher brew point? Less bloom, cooler temperature? It's all good. The geekery knows no limits. I'm two steps away from having a mad scientist lab. Before the end of the year, I'll have incorporated dry ice and a Jacob's Ladder into my morning coffee routine. By the end of next year, robots.

I've got a good running start on the novel. Banged out 2000 words yesterday and most of the first chapter. I'll most likely bang out another thousand words or so this afternoon, then call it good. As per the resolution, I'm spending week number four (this week) on writing a story, which I may or may not bother posting.

So far, the only part of my resolution I've failed at is working on money stuff. Think I might drop that part, at least on any sort of stringent schedule. I've just not been feeling it, at least not at that accelerated pace.

I've had no illusions about the first part of the book needing work. It seems like my outline is evolving every time I sit down. I know the various end points. I know what I want to do on the way there. Beyond that, it's remarkably negotiable.

It's good to have a road map. If you don't know where you're going, there's no telling where you'll wind up. In the case of my outline, though, I'm trying to strike a balance. Sometimes my characters refuse to go down the path I've laid for them. In the case of yesterday's writing, I sat down, took a look at the outline and said "wow, that's really dumb" and did something else instead.

Luckily, that's what the outline is there for. It's there to be tweaked. It's a lot easier to tweak half a page of sentences, sentence fragments and words than it is to rewrite, say, half a book because it's not about what you wanted it to be about due to tectonic drift.

What I do need to do, is get back into the swing of writing before work. Even a half hour of banging away is significant progress. I've been getting pretty lazy about only writing on weekends. Time to stop that.

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