Sunday, October 27, 2013

Story The Forty-third: Landry's Pier

Originally intended for this week's Wendig flash thingy, but wound up being dang near 2000 words which is way too long. The story was too involved for me to feel like stripping it down to within spitting distance of the 1k word limit, so I decided to finish it and call it good, without cross-posting.

1.7k words. The challenge was to roll twice on a twenty-entry list of subgenres. This is a mash-up of space opera and southern gothic horror. We've got racism, landed gentry, cyberware, space stations and smugglers. With a story as short as this one, not many buckles were swashed, but I could probably see it happening at some point were it to grow up into something longer.

Redacted. :-)

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