Monday, October 7, 2013

Hell's Post-Game Wrap-up

Another week, another bit of flash fiction. Only twelve more of these bad boys to go, folks, and then it's on to the next writing resolution.

For a bit of a shaggy dog story, I tried to put a little more thought into the character arc than usual. As hell's librarian speaks, I tried to reflect his/her* growing control over their situation. They started out relatively passive and as time goes on they rise to the top. Limited as I was by word count, I also tried to embed a lot of implied details into the setting, like the elevators which occasionally eat people or an oblique reference to one of the worst jobs in Hell, which would be Hell's IT department.

* I never did settle on a gender, I think.

The inspiration, as I mentioned briefly before, is one of Chuck Wendig's contests. Roll a ten-sided die twice. Pick two words from two separate tables--that's your title. "Labyrinthine Library." Huh. "Labyrinth" made me think of netherworld mythology. It's a place you go into to rebuild yourself, a liminal experience involving the underworld, like Persephone or Theseus or some such. Then I got to thinking about the afterlife and what it must be like to work in the worst library imaginable.

The minotaur stayed from the Greek mythology train of thought. The ragebadgers are a call out to Chuck's blog, where they tend to live these days. I think they're on loan from Hell whenever he needs to call them out.

Onwards and downwards. I might do another Down & Out story this week.

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