Sunday, August 4, 2013

Story The Thirty-first: Nightmare Town, Part Five

Holy shit on a horizontal slab of some sort of semi-edible substance: I've finished Act I of the Cameron Webb book.

As with all such things, it's both more and less than I was expecting it to be. There were some twists to the Big Thing What Lies At The End Of Act I that I was not expecting. They just happened. There were other things that I wanted to happen which did not and will probably either get trimmed or will have to wait until the draft. Mostly I'm glad I finished it.

Five thousand-some words, bringing the book's total to about 42k, which is...way too high. I've got about ten thousand words to kill, combine, stomp into shape. This is going to be fun, but it's probably not going to show up on the blog, not directly, because rewrites don't really count as new stories.

Redacted. :-)

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