Monday, August 19, 2013

Post Angelo Breakdown

As previously mentioned, the challenge this time around was to go to this website, choose one of the random and barely-grammatical titles, write around a thousand words and post to Chuck's blog.

"Angelo For Corrupt Time" was the most intriguing. As I recall, the other four were pretty straightforward and this is the one that hurt my brain most to read, so naturally I went for it.

I wound up latching on to the "corrupt time" aspect of the title. It reminded me of the punchline of the classic time travel story where the inventor pushes the button on his time machine and then the room immediately fills with tourists, the key takeaway being that if time travel were really feasible and convenient, then everything would immediately fall apart.

So, this was a riff on that, a business memo from a post-time-travel singularity civilization where reality and causality are both highly negotiable.

This was another breezy science fiction story, chatty with a lot of gonzo throwaway gags--pretty much one of my favorite things to write.

Favorite details: cannibal JFK, the Howard Dean joke, the futuristic phone number and date numbering systems. Pretty much the whole thing. For a throwaway piece I did in a half hour, it was great fun.

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