Monday, June 24, 2013

The Middle Bits

Another week, another chapter or two of Cameron banged out.

I'm happy with the new additions. I got to escalate the InterSec thing, Emma made an appearance and even got some lines, and I think I made Claire much more of a presence. I even managed to advance the plot a bit. I was planning on making the research montage more involved and get actual legwork/talking to parents/relatives stuff in it, but once I started writing, I decided it would be better off as its own chapter. That, and laziness, of course.

The bitch about these "finishing the book" weeks is that no matter how much I tell myself they are, they're not short stories. There's no real beginning or end, it's aaaallll middle. And the middle of a story is the hardest.

Beginnings are easy. Endings are easy.

The stuff that goes between--that's when things get tricky. You have to hold the reader's attention. Things have to happen. Not too quickly, not too slowly. You have to build characterizations, toss in the odd gag to keep things upbeat. And all without going too far off the beam.

With a real short story I finish when the story's finished. Does it have a beginning, a middle and an end? Yes? Does it contain a complete plot progression with a character arc and everything? Yes. Then I'm done. If it takes 3,000 words, that's fine. If it takes 15,000 words, then that's fine, too.

With Cameron, not so much. It's all middle. Just laying down slabs of narrative until I hit the plot milestones. And that's kinda hard.

Anyhow. This week is week number 26 of the's the halfway point! It's mind-blowing that I've made it this far. It would be appropriate for me to do another Bo story, but who knows? The future's wide open.

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