Saturday, June 8, 2013

Story The Twenty-third: Disneyland And The Devil's Thunderbird

Thought I was going to do a full story, but the weekend got a whole hell of a lot busier and I got a whole hell of a lot lazier than I was expecting. It happens! I did get a decent start on the next chunk of Cameron Webb, though, so it's likely I'll have that done for next week.

So I did another Wendig flash fiction thing again, which is always fun.

The challenge was to roll a twenty-sider twice and pick two things from a list. Write a story you could pitch to a roomful of people as "X" meets "Y". I got "Die Hard" and "Neverwhere," which was vastly disappointing because it could have been "Planet of the Apes" meets "Pride & Prejudice."

1000-ish words. Hamtramck, hobo wine and black squirrels.

Redacted. :-)

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