Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Early Bird Gets The Weekend

Status Update:  already done! And the coffee is twice as good because of it.

This was a lot of fun. Judging from the stories ahead of me in the comments, I was afraid I was going to be locked into writing fantasy since the seeds were all things like "God-king of Chaandahr immanentizes the eschaton" and "Orc-fearing psychic assassin saves the king from the dragon ninja." But mine turned out "cowardly conjurer seeks revenge," which was pretty easy to go with.

There was another in the batch of seeds (the generator gives you five at a time) about a "diplomatic gypsy hiring mercenaries" which might have been fun, but I'm definitely a "take the first result and run with it" sort of guy. Because I'm a daredevil.

I put quite a bit more time into setting down the plot before I started than the last couple of flash fiction pieces. One of the weaknesses of "Not Too Many Have Died" was that not a whole lot happens in it and there's no story or character arcs to speak of, so I decided to put some work into that not being the case this time around.

I'm fairly happy with the results. It's not too clear that it takes place in the 60's, or maybe the 50's, but without coming right out and saying it, there's not much you can do in less than 1000 words to make that blindingly obvious.

There's a few throwaway references in there. The vacuum cleaner with the flier saying it was endorsed by the Pope is actually owned by my good friend, Neil. It's an Electrolux from the 20's and that was apparently back in the days before anybody thought to use these newfangled telephones to fact-check ads for fraud. Well, either that or it really was endorsed by the Pope, in which case I know whose vacuum-cleaner I'm going to use to beat back the undead during the impending zombie apocalypse.

The bit with the beer pitcher is based on something Penn & Teller wrote in "How To Play With Your Food", except in their version it was a milkshake and it wasn't a story--it actually did happen.

The "Infant of Prague" is from a Dead Milkmen song title "The Infant of Prague Customized My Van." And of course, "the Himalayan Snowball of Death" is an Amazing Jonathan trick.

Good times.

I'm headed up north to my parents' for Memorial Day weekend because a) it's been over six months and b) it looks like all my friends are going to be out of town anyway. The story next week is going to be another short one because I won't have a chance to do much prep work and I've apparently committed next Saturday to hanging out with friends in another town, which cuts into primo writing time. So! Maybe another flash fiction challenge. Maybe Something Completely Different.

But! The week after that--that week I'm going to go back to writing longer pieces. Maybe the final blast of Nightmare Town or another clone story.

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