Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Morning Tuxedo Post Mortem

In an early version of this story, the outsider simply beat up the man in the tuxedo and stole his shoes. I think I like this version better even though I wouldn't blame him for doing it.

This was pretty cool to write. It was short enough I had time to go back and layer in extra detail, reinforce some of the themes and imagery. The patter of the tuxedo man actually took a few passes to get right. I had a list of memes and cliches at the end that I spent some time brainstorming that I would cherry pick as he spoke. Writing it was great fun--sort of a vaguely malevolent surreal used car salesman with a strong whiff of robot and angler fish.

It was so short that I felt like I cheated on this one, even though it's actually what most people consider to be short story length. And because of that it's probably the most publishable of the stories I've written, primarily on the basis of length alone. Still, it felt pretty weird to have a lot of free time that week, like I was on vacation.

Most of the things I've written this year I only have enough time to do major first draft revisions: make sure it gets from point A to point B without going way off course or getting dull. Edit out the biggest howlers, the worst spelling errors and so on. My long term plan is to pick the best stories of the year when I get done and then go back and revise the hell out of them.

So, who knows. I think I'm going to do another one-off story this week, hopefully another short-ish one, but you never know. If I have an idea for a story, I'm not going to short it--if it's a longer one, it's a longer one. If it's short, it's short. After this week's story, I'm probably going to do another Bob story. It's about time I got back to him.

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