Monday, March 25, 2013

Beer Mortem

Another fun story. In fact, I basically structured the whole thing around the idea of "things I have fun writing about":  lots of banter, lots of jokey exposition.

Sure, it's basically a shaggy dog story, but hopefully it's not an obnoxious one. I don't think I foreshadowed the punch line of "game the judges, not the game" leading directly to the collapse of galactic civilization too heavily.

I had several goals with this one. Namely:

1. Try out different voices. Xen, Rembrandt and "Mary" have very different voices and different roles in the story. It's good practice. This format lets you try out more writing styles than a lot of other ones where you have to limit yourself to a single voice.

2. Try out a different plot structure. Successful, I think. The "three travelers in a bar" format almost tends to drive itself. It can probably be overdone, though, but in this case, when I was trying to make a point, it works well.

3. Try my hand at Douglas Adams-style science fiction. Lots of goofy details, lots of recurring themes, such as the universality of beer. Bizarro high concept over the top sci-fi, like bars on planets circling black holes, stuff like that. The whole theme of three travelers trying to top each others' stories infected my prose and I tried to top the ridiculous details I came up with in previous paragraphs in succeeding ones.

It's definitely a one-off, though. I think if I tried to keep up this level of purple ridiculousness for an entire novel, my brain would probably eat itself.

Anyhow, enough about ridiculous beer stories. This week: another Bo story.

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