Monday, February 4, 2013

The Monday After

This last story really came down to the wire due to several factors:

a) Procrastination. Guilty. I admit it. The only real way I've discovered around this is to slot in more than a few hours per writing session, then set myself tangible and measurable goals: finish part 1 by x day, finish a story by the end of the week, make myself publicly accountable, etc.

b) A poorly-timed hangover. Oops!

c) It was way longer than I was expecting--the longest story I've written this year so far: 11,000 words. That's definitely novella-length. Write four or five of those, and I've got a short novel!

Weird to think of the progress I've made even in the short time I've spent this year on this project. I've totaled 43,000 words, not counting blog posts. With blog posts, it's higher...maybe pushing 50k. That means in little over a month, I've written half a novel and that's with a full-time job and something resembling a social life. Cool.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

I have fun writing the Clone City Stories. This one was no exception. It was entertaining coming up with a fictional corporate history and then mashing it into a weird hybrid of a Sword & Sandal/Post Apocalyptic pastiche. Almost writes itself.

There were a few moments, such as when I realized just, exactly, how long it would be and just how little time before my deadline I had left in between social obligations, when I began to doubt my ability to finish it. But it turned out fine. It needs a rewrite or two (much like all of my other stories during this challenge), but I'm otherwise happy.

I think if I had to pick one thing out of the Bo stories I like best (this probably applies towards pulp in general) is that it gives me an excuse to wallow in hammy writing. That's generally a lot of fun. No point in being subtle, subtle is for those pussy genres that don't involve gore, decapitations, sword fights and engaging in pistol duels on the top of biplane wings.

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