Thursday, February 21, 2013

By The Numbers

Status update:  putting words on paper. Other than a burst bag of coffee (thank you, Gevalia), supplies good. Time looking good.

A horror story, I'm discovering, is not a good idea unless you flesh it out, start writing, and find yourself yelling at some point in the writing process, "Holy fuck, what the hell is wrong with me?!" You have to tap into parts of your brain that are out of your usual comfort zones.

This one...I have mixed feelings so far, probably because I haven't gotten to the fun stuff yet (more on that later). The outline was promising. As far as initial plotting out goes, it's probably the most fully developed story I've written so far. Everything was pretty much done before I even wrote the first paragraph--the narrative structure, the choices the main character made that led him to the end, the final twist, all of it. More importantly, it was a pretty symmetrical design. I could probably graph it out and hang it my wall. There are very few actual loose threads, just enough call backs from one end of the story to the other to give it consistency. Not much wasted space.

In other words, the outline was pretty promising, but I'm not feeling it so far. Hell, the outline itself gave me nightmares. Maybe I should just post that instead of the full story.

I suspect it's because I'm still on the initial parts of the story, when the setup happens. The fun stuff is usually later, when people expect the walls to drip blood and toads to rain from the sky. You can be excused purple, unrestrained prose, because it's all coming from a narrator who's about to get his face chewed off by some dripping fetid monstrosity from beyond the stars.

Anyway, let's see what happens.

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