Sunday, January 6, 2013

Moving In

Welcome to my new blog. My name is Mike. I write in my free time for fun. I work in the field of computers in a mystical land known as Kalamazoo.

This blog is an extension of my News Year's resolution. I am going to write one (1) story per week. If I do not have a new story up every Sunday, I will donate fifty (50) sawbucks to charity for every week that I miss.

If I fail to live up to my workload, this could get a little costly.

I have eclectic tastes and write in most genres. My favorite category is pulp of any sort: science fiction, horror, modern fantasy, but don't be surprised to find anything from historical fiction to velociraptor romance. I'm not kidding about my diversity of tastes.

Why $50? Why not any other amount? Why am I doing this, anyway?

Fifty dollars is a good middling amount, I think. It's big enough that it stings to see it take a walk, but not big enough that I'll blow this whole thing off as a bad cop. There are charities out there that I believe in and I know there are weeks ahead that I'll take off deliberately--for vacation, or for other reasons. This gives me incentive to write and a reason to donate. Win-win.

I'm doing this for a few reasons.

I've always written for fun, but not on a regular basis. And I've found, over the years, my routine falling into a rut. Day in, day out, the same thing, and nothing to show for it at the end of the year other than regular hangovers, good or bad memories and work accomplished.

I love my job and I have a great life, but I need to branch out, do something that has lasting value.

I'd also like to get more practice at short format fiction. My writing has warts, my pacing occasionally does not pace. Sometimes it drifts off and...

Yeah. This blog is basically one big boot up my rear. See you in a few for the first installment...

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